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Almost every company wants to have a great logo for their brand. However, this is easier said than done.  There is no consensus on what makes a great logo, almost every logo designer will have his or her own idea of what makes a great logo. That said, most logo designers will agree on many of the characteristics which are present in every great logo.

Coca Cola Logo design

Simplicity: This is probably the most important factor. A great logo is extraordinarily simple. By simplicity we mean that it doesn’t uses shapes or concepts which are hard to understand for viewer. Coca Cola’s logo is the best example of a simple logo which is renowned as one of the greatest logo designed ever.

Memorable: Another characteristic of a great logo is being recognisable and memorable. Both Apple and Coca Cola’s logos are both very memorable and are recognisable all over the world. Designers continue to focus on other aspects of design and never really manage to create a perfect memorable logo. Again, keep it ‘simple’ is an important factor in this.  A simple logo is easily remembered by people and it has much better chances of becoming a globally recognized symbol for your company.

Unique: A great logo is above all a unique one. A logo must carve out its own separate space for your company from your competitors.  Copycat logos do not survive for long and most importantly they fail to create a unique identity which is recognisable for a brand. You need to ensure that your logo is a unique one and not a modified copy of your competitor’s logo. McDonald’s logo is a good example of a unique logo. It’s Golden Arc has become a symbol of fast food industry all over the world.

Represent the company:  A great logo represents the work and culture of a company. This aspect is very important one, but unfortunately many designers miss this point when planning their logo design. A logo which doesn’t represents a company’s activities and its culture is not going to resonate with the audience and will certainly fail to make an impact over the target market.

Toys “R” Us logo does a good job of representing the core business of the company and as a result has become synonymous with toys all over the world.

Easy to reproduce in other formats: A great logo must be easy to reproduce. Normally a brand’s logo is used print media, television and internet marketing. In addition to this a logo can also be embedded in T-Shirts, and other physical things. So, before designing a logo a designer must have these things in mind.

It’s recommended that a logo must be designed in vector form as vector images are easy to reproduce and don’t lose quality when resized. Colours must be chosen carefully as having too many colours in your logo can increase the producing costs for the company. A great logo uses simple colours which can in turn reduces the cost of reproducing it for mass usage.

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  1. Graham Reid

    Hi, I want a logo, or image to go on my home page, and maybe a smaller version in the header of each page.
    We are a factory and we make warehouse steps and trolleys. We also buy and stock various products from other factories in numerous countries. I want to create a brand, or image, along the lines of “factory direct”, factory link, or partnership, network etc. I want our customers to perceive our offering as a network of factories stocking each others products, being cheaper as there is no middleman, and being knowledgeable as we are manufacturers.

    What do you think?


    • Extreme Logos

      Hi Graham, This sounds great, we would love to work with you on your re-brand and are sure we can create something amazing for you to help build a solid brand for your business.
      Please give our design studio a call on 020 3714 7570 or email info@extremelogos.co.uk to discuss some ideas

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